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 Lonnie Senstock

For over 25 years Lonnie has been acting, singing, as well as filming HS & college sports since 1996.  He's an award winning actor from such hits as Jack Nicholson's "About Schmidt" to "Tommy Lee Goes To College."  He's been a stage director for a National Dance & Talent Competition tour for almost 10 years, and most recently had his world premiere of his award winning documentary, "Once In A Lew Moon" at UCLA in Los Angeles California.  The film was nominated at the Omaha Film Festival, and won "Best Documentary feature" at the White Light City Film Festival.  It was accepted at the Sacramento film festival and more.  Senstock 
usually directs celebrity stories.  Currently he's doing the the life story of celebrity films of Richard Pryor Jr. (Richard Pryor family), Julia Arnaz (Lucille Ball's family), a new doc-series (untitled) with over 20 icons of Hollywood, 2 Live Crew: Through Her Eyes."  He produces, directs, casts, edits, scores, and more. The documentary that he did cinematography on called "Lucky", was accepted into the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, and was purchased by HBO.



Academy Award
 Coming Soon

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